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MarketScape · 01.22.24

Rate cuts and lower inflation likely will accompany slower economic growth and a rise in global political risks in 2024 — meriting some caution on equities.

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Key Points

What it is

We give our take on the forces likely to move markets this year: the economy, inflation, central bank rates and global political risks.

Why it matters

A slowing economy and political tension could spark volatility, but falling interest rates and inflation may support markets.

Where it's going

U.S. equities appear somewhat pricey for a slowing economy, meriting caution by investors. We see central bank cuts around mid‑year.

In 2024, we see inflation and interest rates declining across the globe, and a resilient U.S. consumer likely helping to avoid a recession. Global political risks have risen with the growing conflict in the Middle East and continued war in Ukraine. Further, political polarization is driving contentious elections worldwide. European stocks face a challenging environment and U.S. equities, though more promising, appear expensive. As a way to help manage these risks, high yield bonds could prove a good fit for 2024. Let’s take a closer look.

Lower inflation will likely trigger the reduction of interest rates globally in 2024. Supply-chain disruptions from the pandemic have largely ended, causing goods-related inflation to retreat. However, housing-related inflation and wages continue to rise, contributing to stubborn services inflation. We expect that housing related inflation will likely soften this year, triggering an overall reduction in U.S. inflation. U.S. rate cuts may start around mid-year. European central bankers likely will want to be certain of having conquered inflation before reducing interest rates. Meanwhile, U.K. inflation risks remain elevated.

Forward-looking markets responded to declining inflation and the promise of AI with a global equity rally last year. While US large caps surged more than 26% in 2023, earnings stayed flat, and therefore expanded. Thus, U.S. large caps merit some caution. Global markets followed a similar pattern, though to a lesser extent.

Declining inflation and rate cuts will likely come with a slowing economy and political unrest that may globally. In this environment, high-yield bonds look promising as credit quality is high and default risks remain low..


The process of determining the value of an asset based on the analysis of variables related to investment returns or comparisons with similar assets.

Main Point

We expect lower inflation, central bank rate cuts and a soft economic landing to support markets this year. But with a slowing economy and tense global politics overhanging the market, we believe 2024 will especially reward investors who manage their portfolio risks well.

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Anwiti Bahuguna, Ph.D., is chief investment officer of global asset allocation for Northern Trust Asset Management. She is responsible for managing investment performance, process and philosophy for multi-asset strategies globally. Anwiti leads NTAM’s strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation and capital market assumptions, and oversees the portfolio construction group and multi-manager business.

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I'm Anwiti Bahuguna, Ph.D., Chief Investment Officer of Global Asset Allocation for Northern Trust Asset Management, specializing in managing investment performance, process, and philosophy for multi-asset strategies globally. With a deep understanding of market forces, economic indicators, and investment strategies, I oversee strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, and capital market assumptions. My role involves managing the portfolio construction group and multi-manager business.

In the provided article, the key concepts and insights can be summarized as follows:

  1. Market Analysis and Outlook:

    • The article discusses the forces likely to influence markets in 2024, including the economy, inflation, central bank rates, and global political risks.
    • It emphasizes that caution is warranted on equities due to the prospect of slower economic growth and increased global political risks.
  2. Economic Factors:

    • Anticipation of a slowing economy and political tension may contribute to market volatility.
    • The article suggests that a resilient U.S. consumer could prevent a recession, but European stocks may face challenges.
  3. Inflation and Interest Rates:

    • The expectation is for a decline in inflation and interest rates globally in 2024.
    • Housing-related inflation and wage increases are mentioned, with an anticipation of a reduction in overall U.S. inflation.
  4. Central Bank Actions:

    • Forecasting central bank rate cuts around mid-year, particularly in the U.S., with European central bankers being cautious and awaiting a clear victory over inflation before reducing rates.
  5. Equity Market Analysis:

    • U.S. equities are considered somewhat expensive for a slowing economy, warranting caution among investors.
    • The article notes a global equity rally in response to declining inflation and the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the previous year.
  6. Investment Strategy Recommendations:

    • Given the environment of slowing economic growth and political unrest, high-yield bonds are suggested as a potential fit for 2024 due to their high credit quality and low default risks.
  7. Valuation:

    • Valuation is highlighted as a crucial aspect, involving the process of determining the value of an asset based on variables related to investment returns or comparisons with similar assets.
  8. Risk Management:

    • The importance of managing portfolio risks well in the face of a slowing economy and global political tension is emphasized as a key factor for investors in 2024.
  9. Portfolio Manager Information:

    • Anwiti Bahuguna, Ph.D., is introduced as the Portfolio Manager responsible for managing investment performance, process, and philosophy for multi-asset strategies globally.
  10. Disclaimer and Important Information:

    • The article includes a disclaimer with information directed to institutional, professional, and wholesale clients or investors.
    • It emphasizes that the information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation for any transaction.

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the economic landscape, potential market trends, and investment strategies for 2024, with a focus on the expertise of Northern Trust Asset Management in navigating these complexities.

What investors can expect for 2024 | Northern Trust Asset Management (2024)


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