8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (2024)

Instant funding prop firms are getting popular as traders want fast and easy access to funding. The forex no evaluation prop firms programs allow traders to access equity without having to go through the typical assessment procedure. Rather, traders will just pay a certain amount of money for account activation and begin trading right away.

Forex prop firms no evaluation may be a fantastic choice whether you’re an experienced trader looking for quick access or a newbie trader hoping to get started with trading. Finding the right instant forex funded account or no evaluation prop firms is a great deal, as these firms offer a quick and easy way to start trading with minimal capital and without going through a lengthy evaluation process.

There are several instant funding prop firms available, each with its own distinct features and perks. OFP Funding, Funded Trading Plus, and The 5%ers are among the leading prop firm with no evaluation program. See our list of the Top 14 One Phase Evaluation Prop Firms.

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What are Instant Funding Prop Firms?

Instant funding prop firms trading provide traders with capital to trade with, without requiring them to go through an evaluation process. Traders can start trading immediately after signing up, and the firm will provide them with a funded trading account. Some popular forex prop firms no evaluation include OFP Funding, Funded Trading Plus, and The 5%ers.

OFP Funding is one of the world’s leading forex funded account no challenge providers, providing traders with actual trading equity without the need for an evaluation process. Another popular option is Funded Trading Plus, which provides traders with up to $200,000 of simulated trading capital.

The 5%ers, an Israeli prop trading company, provides fast funding for Forex trades with a profit share and no challenge program starting at $6,000 and going as high as $4,000,000 simulated accounts.

The benefits of the instant funding prop firms program are numerous, they include the ability to start trading immediately, without having to go through a lengthy evaluation process. Traders can also trade with minimal capital, which can be beneficial for those who are just starting out.

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8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (1)

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms

Choosing the best forex funded account no challenge among the several that are on the market might be challenging. These trading firms give traders the chance to trade with more capital than they do with personal funds while also allowing them to keep a sizable share of their winnings. This section will cover the 8 best instant funding prop firms companies, their distinct features, what makes them unique, and some valid prop firms discount codes that can be applied to save extra dollars.

1. Fastest Payout: Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus instant funding program is very straightforward with no confusing rules. With $225 to $4,500, traders can purchase a no evaluation instant forex funded account of $5,000 to $100,000 simulated trading balance.

Funded Trading Plus master instant funding programs come with no daily simulated loss, a 5% Max simulated loss, no profit target, and a simulated profit split of 70% up to 90% with no minimum trading days rules.

Traders can hold trades over the weekend, and use prop firm EAs to trade with no stop loss requirements. Scaling option at every 10% of simulated profit while withdrawal can be initiated once a trader reaches a profit of $50 and above. Meanwhile, applying our special 10% off FTP discount code: PTP10 at the checkout page will reduce the cost by 10%.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (2)

2. Instant Funding io

Instant Funding.io prop firm is known for offering one of the best instant funding programs with account sizes that start at $1,250 for a fee of $79 and go up to as high as $80,000 for a fee of $3,460. With no minimum or maximum trading days and no daily loss limit but has an overall smart drawdown of 10% as well as a 70% to 90% profit split. InstantFunding is known for its amazing offers and fast payouts which makes it stand out as one of the traders’ choicest prop firms.

With Instant Funding discount code: GIVINGBACK you will get an extra12.5% discount plus a free $12,500 one-phase account if you purchase an account from $5,000 and above. The offer is valid till the 24th of October. Alternatively, you can apply the coupon code: PTP10OFFto save an extra 10% off the purchase of any challenge account. Amazing right? Just apply the prop firm discount code during checkout and that’s it. Good luck!

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (3)

3. The 5%ers Hyper Growth

The concept of The 5%ers prop firm instant funding account known as the Hyper Growth Program provides a low-risk strategy where you can take calculated risks in exchange for modest goals and scaling funding. With $260 to$850 you can get a trading account of $10,000 to $40,000.

The account comes with a 10% target, 6% stop out level, and 3% Daily loss limit. Profit split can be up to 100%, with no trading time limit.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (4)

4. City Traders Imperium No Evaluation

The City Traders Imperium instant funding no evaluation program provides funded accounts from $5,000 to $100,000, and up to $2 million in equity through a scaling process. CTI no evaluation instant forex funded account comes with no trading objectives for payouts, no evaluation process, and no time limits. There is no daily drawdown rule while the overall drawdown is 5% from the initial balance.

For a fee of $299 to $5,999 (an extra 20% saving with coupon code: AUGUST20), traders can purchase City Traders Imperium instant funded accounts of $5,000 to $100,000. City Traders Imperium instant funding program comes with a 10% profit target and up to 100% profit split.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (5)

b. City Traders Imperium Instant Funding

The City Traders Imperium instant funding is a single step evaluation program that gives traders the chance to trade funded account sizes from $5,000 to $100,000 and can be up to $2 million through a scaling plan. CTI prop firm instant forex funded account comes with no time limit, and no daily drawdown rules while the 5% overall drawdown is balance-based and has a profit target of 9%.

The fee starts from $99 for the $5,000 ($1,000) account to $949 for the $100,000 ($20,000 account). Traders can save an extra 20% by applying coupon code: AUGUST20) at City Traders Imperium checkout.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (6)

5. Traders With Edge Prop Firm

Traders With Edge instant funding comes in two programs, Standard and Aggressive programs. With $125 to $1,000, you can purchase a forex funded account no evaluation from $2,500 to $20,000. There is a max drawdown of 5%, an average of 10 trades a day and a must use of stop loss order. You may read the full details of Traders With Edge instant funding rules in our review post.

Up to $1.2 million, equity is possible with the help of Traders With Edge instant funding proprietary trading, scaling program. By reaching a 10% profit milestone, the company’s exclusive scaling program enables traders to grow their trading accounts.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (7)

6. OFP Funding.

A pro firm with no challenge program, no verification, and no profit targets is OFP forex instant funded account. One of the top proprietary instant funding prop firms available. Account balances start from $5,000 to $100,000 for a fee of £82 to £746, with 5% daily drawdown and 10% total drawdown limits.

OFP was established in 2021, has its headquarters at 71-75 Shelton Street in London, and is controlled by OverviewFX Ltd of the UK. Since its inception, more than $14 million has been paid out to traders.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (8)

7. RebelsFunding Diamond Training Program

The RebelsFunding Diamond training program was designed to help traders earn commissions on the trades. Traders can choose between a $1,000 account which costs $45 to a $20,000 account for an $800 fee, with a scaling plan up to $540,000.

The RF Diamond program comes with a leverage of 1:50, no daily drawdown, a Maximum loss of 5%, and a 10% profit target. There are 4 minimum trading days and a profit share of 50%. Join the RebelsFunding Diamond training program and start earning while training

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (9)

8. FTUK Instant funding

Theno challenge program offered by FTUK starts from an account of $14,000 to $90,000 with one time subscription fee of $200 to $1,200. FTUK instant funding program comes with a 6% overall drawdown and a 10% profit target. Profit split of 80% and scaling plan up to $15,760,000.

8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (10)

Overall, prop firms with no challenge program stand apart for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it has no evaluation requirement. This enables traders to move through the process quickly and begin making money from their funded accounts.

Criteria for Choosing No Evaluation Program

One of the ways to choose the best prop firm instant forex funded account is to check through the company records, trading rules, and conditions as well as the pricing of the forex funded account no challenge. Traders should take into account a number of aspects while selecting a no evaluation trading program. These are some important standards to check:

Availability of Capital

The size of capital that traders have access to should be one of the most crucial things to take into account when choosing instant funding prop firms. Traders should seek prop firms that provide a sizable amount of money since doing so will enable them to take on bigger trades and maybe realize more returns.

The profit split that the instant forex funded account offers must also be taken into account because it will have an impact on how much money traders may keep for themselves. This will greatly influence how much profit prop traders make.

Technical Infrastructure

The technological infrastructure of the forex funded account no challenge should also be taken into account. Investors should search for companies that provide access to a variety of marketplaces and trading instruments, as well as dependable and quick trading platforms. The firm’s data feeds and charting tools should also be taken into account because they can significantly affect trading success.

Management of Risk

Finally, traders must consider the prop firm’s risk management practices. Seek out companies with stringent risk management procedures in place, such as position limits and stop-loss orders. Additionally, traders should think about the degree of assistance and direction provided by the instant forex funded account, since doing so may help them properly manage risk orders.

The quality of guidance and support provided by the firm should also be taken into account by traders, as doing so may help them better manage risk and make trading decisions.

Overall, while picking from the best instant funding prop firms, traders should take the time to thoroughly consider the important factors outlined above. By doing this, individuals may raise their chances of success and discover a company that fits their trading preferences and objectives.

Advantages of Instant Funding Account

Instant funding prop firms provide traders with a number of advantages. It allows traders to start trading fast and make profits without delays. For some forex funded account no challenge comes with no profit targets and more leverage, giving traders the ability to succeed in their trading journey. Check the following as they form some of the most important benefits:

No assessment or challenge

Instant funding prop firms, in contrast to conventional prop firms, do not demand that traders succeed inpassing assessments or challengesin order to obtain funds. Instead, traders will immediately begin trading with real funds. As a result, traders may avoid the tiresome and sometimes unpleasant process of demonstrating their expertise to a prop business.

Quick Funding

Instant funding prop firms trading provides traders with swift funds. As a result, traders won’t have to wait weeks or months to get funded. Instead, as soon as they register with a prop firm no evaluation, they will begin trading with immediately.

Flexible Financing

Scalable funding solutions are provided by instant funding prop firms. This implies that traders can raise their capital when they experience growth in their profits using an instant forex funded account. For traders who wish to swiftly increase the size of their trading accounts, this is a huge advantage.

High Profit Share

Instant funding prop firms give traders a good profit share. This implies that traders can keep a sizeable share of their gains. The ability to make a living through instant forex funded account trading is a big benefit for traders.

Reduced Risk

Instant funding prop firms reduce traders’ risk. This is to help traders trade without putting their own money at risk. As a result, traders may concentrate on trading on instant forex funded accounts without being concerned about losing their own money.

Education and Assistance

Traders may enhance their trading abilities and methods with the help of the best instant funding prop firms, who provide instruction and assistance. The 5%ers, for example, has an extensive teaching program that includes live webinars, trading classes, and mentorship programs. This allows traders to keep current on trading trends and methods.

Overall, traders may benefit from a number of forex prop firm no evaluation benefits. These benefits include reduced risk, instant funding, scaling funding, good profit share, and no evaluation or challenge.

Challenges with Instant Funding Prop Firms

While an instant forex funded account might be an ideal option for traders who want to get started trading right away, there are some drawbacks to adopting this form of funding. Here are some of the difficulties to remember:

Management of Risk

One of the most difficult aspects of instant funding prop firms is risk management. When traders have immediate access to funds, they may be more likely to engage in riskier deals due to a smaller drawdown percentage than when they go through a review or challenge procedure. This can result in heavier losses and a greater likelihood of blowing up their account.

Accountability is lacking.

Another issue an instant forex funded account may have is a lack of accountability. There is less control over traders’ trading behavior when they are not compelled to go through an assessment or challenge procedure. This makes it harder for the prop business to detect problem traders and implement proper risk-mitigation measures.

Funding Capacity

While instant funding prop firms might be an excellent method to get started in trading, there are frequent financial limitations that traders must be aware of. These restrictions can vary based on the prop firm and the trader’s degree of expertise, but they can be a barrier for traders looking to fast scale up their trading.

Profit Share Ratios

Profit sharingratios given by instant fundingprop firmsare sometimes less beneficial than those offered to traders who go through an assessment or challenge procedure. As a result, traders that employ rapid financing may not make as much money as they would if they went through a challenge or review.

Inadequate Training

Finally, prop firms that provide instant funding accounts may not offer as much training and assistance as those that need traders to go through an assessment or challenge procedure. This might be difficult for inexperienced traders who want more advice and help when they begin trading.

Restrictions on News Events

Some instant funding prop firms believe that news trading is a game of luck and not sustainable, also because news releases can be highly volatile and impact so much on the trading accounts, as a result, they restrict traders from participating in news trading, which can be a disadvantage for those who prefer trading only news releases.


Overall, while instant funding prop firms with no evaluation challenge are a great choice for traders who want to start trading right away and start making profits immediately, there are also some drawbacks that traders need to take into consideration. Traders may boost their chances of success with quick financing prop firms by identifying these problems and taking action to alleviate them.

When investing in financial markets, it’s crucial to conduct research and pick the prop firm no evaluation program that best suits your interests and trading style because there are so many different no evaluation proprietary firms accessible.


8 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms for no Evaluation Program (2024)


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